Morning Box A


Gluten Milk

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A gift box to share, a perfect breakfast to start the day.


  • 5   Natural Yoghurt (no sugar added)

  • 1   Granola (nuts, hazelnuts, dates and a vanilla touch)

  • 5  Detox Juices (100% Cold Pressed)

  • 5  Doghnut combo (sugar – chocolate & hazelnut – white chocolate & caramel)

  • 10 Mini Waffles  

  • 5  Maple syrup

  • 1   Speculoos cookies (cane sugar, cinnamon and orange peel)

  • 1   Milk chocolate & almond cookies (milk chocolate jivara 40%)

  • 1   Charcuterie Board (camembert cheese, honey comb, turkey pastrami, turkey salchichón, fresh fruit, red fruits, toasts and dried fruit)

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Monday 27 February, Tuesday 28 February, Wednesday 01 March, Thursday 02 March


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